Monday, October 5, 2009

Art Prize Competition in Grand Rapids

this is a completely 2 Dimensional work

Ecstasy of the Scarlett Empress by Jason Hackenwerth

Matchbox cars...can you see the woman?

These photos were taken on October 3, 2009 in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the Art Prize event. The public will determine by the most votes, which artist will will the grand prize of $250,000.00...stay tuned. Please visit their site at for more details.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Double Exposure with Gerry and Lori Pas

The Huron Valley Council for the Arts featured the Fine Art Photography and Poetry of Gerry and Lori Pas this month. Held in Steeple Hall Gallery at 405 W. Livingston Road in Highland, Michigan. Guests and attendees were in for an energized gathering of spontaneous and sensitive emotions captured by the artists skillfull eyes. Several prints were manipulated in a digital format using color for comment,while the focal points lay on the surface with keen and deliberate expression. Pansies and Pearls. The clowns twisting balloons at the "YooperBar" caught the energy so perfectly.

I created the "Goddess Shield" as it has become known, for Lori to wear on the Opening Night Gala Reception for "Double Exposure." What a joy it was to create a "poetry piece for a poet"... I hammered the poetry of Mirza Ghalib, a Persian poet from 1797-1869 onto the copper disk. The words so fitting for Lori to wear and lift her into the night."These divine verses, as I write are hallowed revelations descending from on high. The sound of the scribe's pen in the stillness of the night is indeed the heavenly muse uttering her immortal words"...

Lori later writes she felt like a f'n rock star! Allnight long, "my art-wear" caught rave reviews. 120 hugs later,it gained patina and remained intact...the sign of a great goddess shield. Noble, sturdy, gorgeous like it's creator." I love her quote. " Soley attend to beauty!" She IS a treasure chest...full of pearls of wisdom, glistening words with color and character and full of passion. thank you.

See the show, check out their book,"The Artist's Project" and find a place on your walls to hang one of their photographic art pieces. their website is .

Lucky am I to know her!