Thursday, March 26, 2009


After leaving my sisters home in Phoenix following an Oscar Party the night before, I drove up to visit my friends in the Prescott and Cottonwood areas. The temps were in the 90's and I had a wet bandana wrapped around my neck. Man, was it hot! And this is February 23rd...
The bells of Arcosanti were calling me, so I drove down the dirt road and spent a few hours walking around enjoying the concept Paolo Soleri created way back in the 1960's. His idea seems simple, but in its simplicity comes challenge. Our earthly elements such as water and sun are harnessed using efficient collection designs,thus allowing gardens to grow and energy to be stored. There are tours of the bronze casting studio and campus site, and the gift shop has at least a thousand bells hanging from the rafters. Either cast in bronze or sculpted of stoneware with organic patterns,it's hard to choose just one! The views are great,too!

In the Air to Arizona with Francois Robert

It was great to be back home with my family and friends! My flight out from Chicago to the Old Pueblo was enhanced by the chance seating arrangement next to the world famous photographer, Francois Robert and his wife Jane Gittings. We spoke for three hours on topics ranging from the art markets pulse, his career, the clients he's worked with( IBM, Crate and Barrel,Sigfried and Roy to name a few)and his journey into art book publishing. He asked me if I could make a "up-in-the-air-with-the-junior-birdman gesture,which I did, making him smile!
You can find his books at all major bookstores worldwide. They are, "Faces", and "Crosses", with another just published showing collections of the contents of womens purses. He showed me on his i-phone, photographs of a few of the photos in the book. His artwork allows the viewer to be a voyeur,of sorts. The purse contents were laid out much like an installation, showing unique value to oftentimes mundane objects, and shown collectively, reach into the soul of the carrier.
They were on their way to Tucson for a Gallery Opening and Reception at the Art's Eye Gallery on Grant Road. He's presenting his latest collection of work which he shot at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. He went on to describe some of the processes of preparing the shoot, and with many of the subjects being nocturnal, made for a unique studio environment.
They invited me to the reception,which I did attend, and I enjoyed seeing how shows are conducted in Tucson. The Gallery Director designed the show with visual accuity, and I especially enjoyed the vignettes they created. Lighting is an important element to seeing Francois's work, and because he prints on Fuji Crystal Archival paper, the luminosity is unreal! I purchased three images in shadowboxes, and am really looking forward to the day I receive them.
Upon leaving the Gallery, Francois thanked me for coming, and asked for my address to keep in touch. He said we would get together on the coast of Lake Michigan and he'd teach me how to photograph my jewelry. From his lips to God's ears, I'd be so honored!
You just never know who you're gonna meet...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Huron Valley Council for the Arts Artist Reception for Beverly Larsen

I've been lucky enough to preview Bev Larsen's "Capture Light" show and reception. It's open to the public from 7-9 Friday evening on March 6th thru March 28th.

Bev's work reflects a beauty we all find on a summer walk thru the Michigan fields,tranquil lakes and pastoral spots. Her delicate and painterly style captures not only light remarkably well, but offers us a retreat into the quiet and fragile places we yearn for in these wicked winter months. Her balloon flower has such great depth, while the rich summer colors of the echinacea and field lily are exquisite.She works with acrylic paints, but she makes them look like they're oils... which is fine by me!

It should be a great show for Bev,the guests and the Huron Valley Council for the Arts. Located at 405 West Livingston Rd. in Highland,Michigan.See you there!